Shop Owners-Get Your Ship Together: Is your shop prepared for the journey?

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Do you have your Shi(_) together and are you ready for the upcoming journey

Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492! Many of us remember that rhyme from our grade school days and at that time we didn’t quite understand the significance of what that really meant.


Columbus was looking for new trade routes that would take him into uncertain waters when he embarked on his first exploration; he had no idea what lay ahead! But He anticipated a huge return from the risks he was undertaking.


So what do you and Columbus have in common? A lot actually.


First, he was headed into uncertain and uncharted waters. So are you, COVID-19 has had a highly adverse impact on our economy. What will the economic recovery look like over the next few months and years? At this point, we can count on one thing, uncertainty. Being prepared for it certainly makes it easier to work through.


Second, he had a vision of what he wanted to accomplish. He used that vision to recruit new crew members and secure financial backing for his journey. Do you have a vision and what does that vision look like for the near future? Are you intent on just keeping the lights on, or are you looking past the impact that COVID-19 had on your shop? I suggest that if you are only looking to survive, you will not come out of this strong. Not having a clear vision will also cause you to miss the opportunities that will come as a result of the pandemic.


Third, his ships were sound. He had the rigging in order, the sails in tip-top shape and his vessel as a whole was ready for whatever the seas could throw at it. Is your shop prepared for your journey? What improvements could you make now that will pay huge dividends in the near future?


Do you have your Shi(_) together and are you ready for the upcoming journey? Need help drop us a line at and request a complimentary 30-minute coaching appointment.