Thank You, often underutilized in and around our shops today

Shop Owner Coach™

There are two words in the English Language that go a long way “Thank You”

 To make someone feel good about working for you, just say Thank You. These simple words are often underutilized in and around our shops today. Want to amp it up a little? Then along with the words, offer a small gesture of thanks like giving your techs their favorite soda/pop or candy bar after a job well done. Don’t know their favorite candy bar or pop? I can help you with that, just click the link at the end of this blog.

Demonstrating your appreciation raises your status as a leader in the minds of those you work with each day. It makes you more connected and offers you grace at the time you might need it most. Think about the next Friday night when you need your team to stick around to wrap up a car for delivery to a good customer.

Thanks comes in the little things and some say it is a lost art, I think it is something that we just don’t practice enough of. Chester Elton, author of The Carrot Principle told a story of how the CEO of his company sent Chester’s wife flowers. Included with the flowers was a note thanking her for all the time Chester spent on the road speaking and making the company look good. Do you think Chester’s wife wants him to work harder for the company and that she, along with Chester, are more loyal to the CEO? I would say YES, they both are.

So how can you bring this culture to your shop? Simple! Get to know your team and what they value. Also, be specific on why you are thanking them. It is easy to say “Great job” without being specific, but you will have more impact by adding some specificity like, “I appreciate the speed and level of quality on that brake job”. “You know it’s team members like you that makes our shop look great” The more specific your recognition the more relevant to the one being thanked. Also, remember that “public” praise and recognition, in front of other team members, will amplify the impact of your praise.